Weekend: Great LA Walk

Tie on the sneakers and make for downtown. Then? The ocean.

GREAT LA WALK: It's free. It's plum full of community spirit. And it is a walk; strutters rack up about 19 miles over the course of a single Saturday. What's the Saturday? Nov. 19. Where's the walk this year? It starts downtown, saunters along Hollywood, Vermont, and other nearby streets, and then ends at the ocean. What sort of people will you meet? Anyone who like Los Angeles, history, looking at things, taking photos of things, being friendly, and/or all of the above.

LA AUTO SHOW: Yep. If it has a fender and four wheels (give or take), bet you can find it downtown starting on Nov. 18. The world-class carvention (we said it) zooms all the way through Thanksgiving weekend. Meaning if you want to catch the newest concept cars, you have some time. Several mondo debuts are just ahead, too. Los Angeles Convention Center

SCI-FI SHOWS APLENTY: A gathering focusing on a single television series or property? They're pretty common 'round this town. But how about a convention spotlighting multiple genre shows? Hello, mega-fandom. People will be out, in costume, in support of "Farscape" and "Warehouse 13" and "Eureka" and several others shows. The place is the LAX Marriott. And the stars? Paneling, of course. Nov. 18-20

DOWNTOWN ON ICE: We're having some fairly standard fall temperatures now, but when we get that random 80-degree December day? Woowee. That's the day to hit this Pershing Square ice rink. Shorts and spins and sunblock, hooray! The rink is on every day for two months; yep, we said every day. Holidays will have different hours, but there's nothing like pirouetting off those Thanksgiving sweets. Through Jan. 16

ICE RINKS EVERYWHERE! There's a rink closer to the ocean if that's your pleasure. It's not exactly *on* the beach -- you'll have to hoof it a bit -- but imagine doing figure eights in the morning and building sand castles in the afternoon. That's what the relatives everywhere else love (coughgetjealouscough) hearing about. ICE is on in Santa Monica through Jan. 16.

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