Weekend: The Grove Goes Glittery

The stars and sparkle are set to shine.

GROVE TREE LIGHTING: The holidays may have 117 semi-official starts here in Los Angeles, but this is one of the majors. Why? Stars show up to sing (Gavin DeGraw, Jackie Evancho, and Colbie Caillat will perform this year). Droves show for the festivities. And there are fireworks plunk in the middle of the city. Arrive early if you go. Sunday, Nov. 13

LA COMEDY FEST: The annual ha-ha-tacular arrives juuuust before the time of year that's so often satirized on the big and small screen. Coincidence? We think not. People like to get their guffaws on when life gets the busiest (and most relative-y). A whole mess of people holding microphones'll show at the Acme from Nov. 10 through 20. So they're there all week, plus a few days, thank you and goodnight.

UP WITH DOWNEY: Doooowney! Downey. We feel like there should be a sparkly, chrome-pretty theme song for one of our favorite cities. Charles Phoenix is pretty sweet on it, too. So sweet he's showing at the Woman's Club of Downey on Sunday, Nov. 13 to spotlight its mid-century, McDonald's-famous past via slides. Sing it with us now: Doooowney!

MARIONETTES GALORE: Bob Baker and his puppets are famous in all the places where people who love puppets live. We hope that's pretty much everywhere on the planet. He's in the middle of his 51st season -- making his downtown-adjacent theater the oldest puppet theater in the country -- and his holiday spectacular is set to open. Charming to the hilt. Show debuts Saturday, Nov. 12

MOVIE TIME: The Valley Film Festival spotlights San Fernandoan filmmakers as well as cineastes from all over. Through Nov. 13. Oh, and it is the 50th Anniversary of Mysterious Island. The Egyptian will screen and celebrate on Sunday, Nov. 13.

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