Westfield Century City Update 3: We're monitoring the City Planning…

We're monitoring the City Planning Commission hearing on Westfield's Century City mixed-use mega development. In our final update, we can report to you that the City Planning Commission unanimously approved Westfield's request to move forward with its expansion in Century City. The Commissioners pressed Westfield on public benefits provided by the project, and finally got them to admit that there would be no mixed-income housing included in the development. To this, the Commission chided the Planning Department for failing to mandate the inclusion of affordable housing in the development, one of the fourteen tenets of the "Do Real Planning" motto. However, the development will include a transit demand management (TDM) program that will provide alternatives to single occupant vehicle trips. It will also set aside an easement for a future Purple Line station. Westfield has also agreed to hold a community workshop on design issues related to the streetscape and the residential tower. Hopefully new renderings of the tower will be released soon. [Curbed Staff]For more stories from Curbed LA, go to la.curbed.com.

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