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SURFAS: The venerable -- about as venerable as a venerable place can get -- Culver City cooking emporium changed it up this month with a new online presence. It's now selling under the name "Culinary District" in Internetland, but the mega-giant Surfas we all know and lust over is still cooking along in Culver. Online, in person -- you like this place if you make anything in the kitchen. 8777 Washington Boulevard, Culver City

PENZEYS SPICES: When this shop, devoted to enhancing the zing/zest of dishes, opened a few months back, it was met with chefs across the city waving their oven mitts in jubilation. Well, probably, we're guessing, because Penzeys is a name synonymous with spice. A cornucopia of peppercornia and more. 1347 Fourth Street, Santa Monica (also one in Torrance, note)

SANTA MONICA SEAFOOD: Every fishy/crustacean-ish/bivalve-y thing from the ocean is purveyed by this much beloved city staple. But we also want to snap our pincers in approval for the seafoodery's cooking demonstrations. How does one properly de-vein a big bad boy shrimp? Guide us. 1000 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica

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