What You're Doing Tonight: March 4th

M. WARD: In the last year he garnered a lot of headlines as the "Him" in She & Him, the retro-spunky duo he formed with actress-singer Zooey Deschanel, but Portlander M. Ward has been making thoughtful, introspective, tale-telling tuneage for some time now. And collaborating, too, with greats like Lucinda Williams. He's at the Music Box, and he's playing music from his new record "Hold Time" (we feel like writing "record" there, as we suspect that all Wardian creations probably sound most excellent in the standard LP format). Wednesday, March 4, 8PM. The Music Box at The Fonda, 6126 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood.

THE AGE OF RAGE: If you've ever felt, well, more miffed in these here modern times, there may be reasons for it. A Zocalo Public Square lecture evening is looking at incivility -- full title: The Age of Rage: Is the Internet Making Us Mean? -- with moderator Meghan Daum from the LA Times at the podium. Writers Dick Meyer and Lev Grossman, who've both considered the tussle-worthy topic, are joining. We're already expecting some heated feelings and strong opinions, but that's a good thing, yes? Civil discourse and working together to find common ground and all that. Can't we just all get along? We think there's a way... Wednesday, March 4, 7:30PM. The Actors' Gang, 9070 Venice Boulevard, Culver City.

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