What You're Doing Tonight: May 29th

DAYTIME STARS GET SPORTY: The "Days of Our Lives" Celebrity Basketball Fundraiser is one of the bigger events on the come-out-and-see-your-favorite-big-names-in-action calendar. It's been around for two decades, courtesy of "Days" actor James Reynolds, and supports South Pas Boys Basketball and Fremont Centre Theatre. 7:30PM, South Pasadena High

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE: Surprise in sound. Sprightly, mischievous musical journeys with plenty of electronic flavor. And change, forever change. Where will fans end up when this Baltimore outfit lands at The Wiltern? A question, but a nice one. Show's sold out, but there's no real surprise there. 8PM

THE TALL MAN IN PERSON: Scary movie fans adore Angus Scrimm, aka "The Tall Man" from the "Phantasm" flicks. Mr. Scrimm, along with director Don Coscarelli, is appearing alongside "Phantasm 2" when it screens at the Masters of Horror Drive-In at the Steve Allen. Chills indeed. 8PM

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