What's on Your Merry Mix? Hunky Santa, Egg Nog..?

It's like a mix tape we all have, but it has a merry theme and it isn't actually an object we can hold in our hands. It's the little things we rely on, year after year, to lend December some auxiliary cheer and keep us going right up to the big day. Here are some unsung (and sung) things to which we must tip our holly-laden hats...

Hunky Santa: Just saying the words "Hunky Santa" makes people smile. Just thinking of Hunky Santa makes people blush with delight. Just whispering in Hunky Santa's ear? Well, we'll leave that private moment between the whisperer and the whisperee. Beverly Center, thanks for hosting this hot elf in his hot elf kingdom year after year.

Letters to Santa: Don't we all have a few wishes we'd like to jot down? Jingle-bell-topped hats off to the volunteers who help Santa out by going through and answering the enormous volumes of mail when Kris Kringle is too busy in the toy workshop.

Egg Nog: Used to be just a drink. Sprinkle some nutmeg, add rum, sip, done. Now there are several versions out there, including healthier offerings (like Rice Nog). You can buy smell-yummy sprays for the home. Demeter makes a perfume (lips smacking...). We're just waiting for a paint company to release a color called Egg Nog White (complete with nutmeg-y speckles).

The NORAD Santa Tracker: Where's Santa now? Oh, he's over Athens. The smarties at NORAD totally know high-tech, so trust that they know where the man in red is at all times. We remember, as tots, when this would be on the evening news. How much to we love that it is now available online? Refresh... oh, Finland! Refresh... Santa's approaching Montreal! Refresh...

Kissing Under the Mistletoe: Or just kissing in general. Makes everyone more festive, and warm in the cheek region. Depending on the kisser, we suppose.

Seasonal Jazz: A smooth note well played is nice any time of the year, but hearing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" on the sax almost has us in tears. And anyone within 50 yards. It just hits the heart.

Our mix is packed with more goodies, but we keep looking to add to it... Clove balls and faux snow and the Yule log on DVD (complete with crackling sound), too...

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