WonderCon 2011

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SET STRAIGHT: WonderCon is not the springtime Comic-Con. Nor is Comic-Con the summertime WonderCon. Nor is WonderCon Comic-Con North. Nor is Comic-Con WonderCon South. Nor are we done starting sentences with the word "nor," but we'll fight the urge to continue. Because we've got WonderConiana to discuss, and if you know your mega pop-culture and comics extravaganza, you know that is big stuff.

APRIL 1-3, 2011: Those are the dates that the convention sets up shop in San Francisco's Moscone Center South. "Sets up shop" is a bit folksy for what really goes down: Aisle after toy- and book-filled aisle cram into the Moscone, pleasing fangirls and fanboys who've come to get their action and horror and anime and entertainment fill. Oh, see the impressive special guests; the 2011 line-up includes Ojai's own legendary Sergio Aragones, penguin-perfect Berkeley Breathed, and Mark Evanier, who knows all the best old-school places to eat in LA (just follow his blog and see).

NOW... We said WonderCon and Comic-Con were two different things, but we'll add WonderCon comes from the good people of Comic-Con, meaning all the Comic-Con-y tropes you like we'll be likely troping it up around the Moscone.

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