“World's Largest Bow” Is Headed For…

A tremendously large topper is set to appear on the Citadel Outlets.

RUMOR HAS IT... that we here in Southern California rather like to go big. We're so big we feel using the phrase "go big or go home" doesn't fully encompass our grand vision. We are a-ok with giant icons jutting off hillsides -- hello, Hollywood Sign -- and the biggest roller coasters -- we're looking at you, Magic Mountain -- and mega 340-ton boulders that become part of larger artworks -- how's it going, LACMA? In short: We're okay livin' large. So when we learn that the World's Largest Bow is headed to SoCal, we nod and say "yes, this is how it should be, of course." Hold the ribbon: Should we have added a little theme-y music lead up right there? The World's Largest Bow clearly deserves a dun dun dun or such. Especially when it is set to sit atop a 5 Freeway landmark, meaning that thousands of commuters will see its festive over-size-a-tude every day. Yep, it is headed for...

THE CITADEL OUTLETS. The bow's grand first lighting is on Thursday, Nov. 7, the date it will be officially lit up for the holiday season. Its stats are SoCal-worthy indeed: It "(s)its 36 feet wide by 21 feet tall," it boasts a pair of 75-feet "tails," and the loops average about 11-feet tall. The sparkliest factoid of all, though? The mega red ribbon has been heavily doused in a half ton of glitter. 

HELLO, HOLIDAYS: The shopping destination's gifty topper is indeed being billed as "The World's Largest," which may make other places that do it up in the decoration department rethink their usual go-to baubles. In fact, we're hard pressed to think of other gargantuan-huge bows for comparison. Could this start a trend? Big bows atop every building? If so, we're sure LA shall lead the way, as it does in all matters of bigness.

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