Playing Hotelier, Cyber-Style

HELLO LONG WEEKEND... Goodbye hours. Now that we know, courtesy of Minervity on Twitter, that we can go onto Facebook and build our own hotel, well. We'll just have to put off all the put-off-able stuff over the Labor Day holiday. Because. Dreams fulfilled. What would you do if you could go from the ground-up on your very own lodge?

FOUR-WAY FIREPLACE: Can we do that in Hotel City? Because we think if a hotel is going to build a fireplace, it should build a several-sided one, so guests aren't jostling each other for couch space. Or, better yet, put two of 'em in the lobby, side-by-side. Well, even if we can't do that, the chance to "build and manage" our own hotel intrigues.

OH, AND CHECK-OUT TIME? 1:17 p.m. Never noon. Because we can.

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