Swanky Rancho Santa Fe Deal? Oh, Suite!

WE WON'T: It's one of our biggest temptations, as a lifelong hotelphile, to type the words "suite" and "deal" together when a really fine discount comes up that is related to suites. But we won't -- other people have covered that territory, and very thoroughly, we'll add -- in favor of getting to the heart of the matter.

WE WILL: Tell you about the discounts on suite bookings at Rancho Valencia in Rancho Santa Fe. Order up a suite at the elegant resort through Tuesday, Dec. 21, and get a nifty 30% off. Call it "nearly a third" if it suits you. There will be restrictions and things you'll need to be okay with going in, like taxes/gratuities not being included, so read it all.

GREEN TEA & AVOCADO BODY HYDRATION: It's a treatment at the on-site spa. It has been *so* long since we had a body hydration involving avocado, and by *so* long we mean never. That's exactly what we'll spend our extra money on, the cash we save in that 30% off deal.

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