You, Me, and The Jubilee

Bands aplenty will take to Sunset Boulevard in Silver Lake.

While we have the urge to pull many FAQs off our computer screen and wring out all the unnecessary verbiage, we're a little smitten with the opening Q&A of The Jubilee's FAQ:

"Q: Is the Jubilee going to be a life-changing experience? A: Yes. The Jubilee is full of changes to your life. This is the third year of the event."

Inspired, other FAQs everywhere? You should be. That's tangy stuff. Lively, in fact.

But that lively, loosey-goosey spirit naturally infuses The Jubilee, the annual let's-shut-down-Sunset-Boulevard-and-swing-this-here-tambourine music fest. Nope, not all of Sunset is shutting down -- although, yeah, you know some concert promoter somewhere is dreaming about that -- and, yep, you'll need tickets. It's not that loosey-goosey.

And you'll need to get to Sunset Junction on either Saturday, May 26 and/or Sunday, May 27 for a whole bevy of blissed-out song-making. Family of the Year, Autolux, and Kinky are three of the headliners.

Tickets are $20 per day in advance, but note there is a free community block party stage. Free community block party stage=loosey goosey, in our books.

Other adds? KCRW has this one wrapped in its loving KCRW-y embrace, as one would hope and expect. People in certain nearby zip codes get discounts, which is flat-out nice. And you'll want to show with your own cup. Us? We'd totally make a calico cup sling and show it off all day long. A calico cup sling with iron-on patches.

The Jubilee is not jubilee-ing on the Monday of the holiday weekend, note, so get your loosey-goosey fix on Saturday or Sunday.

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