Your Red Line Tix = Cheaper Booze

1:13AM. You've vodka-ed up downtown and would love to catch a train home to the Valley, or Hollywood, or at least a bus over to the Standard where you can bed for the night. Sip. Sigh. If only downtown had a late-night transportation system like Manhattan, you garble sadly to your friend. You'd love to just sit your danced-out hiney down and have someone else drive you straight to beddie-weddie, you garble further.

Garble no more. Along with the general gussying-up of downtown, the splashy debut of Club Nokia, and a restaurant bowing every three minutes, the city is adding later hours to the Union Station-North Hollywood Red Line route. A nighttime DASH is also in the works for the holiday season, meaning that getting around from club to museum to Staples to Clifton's will be a snap.

blogdowntown gives a nod to nightlife impresario Cedd Moses for getting more wheels rolling around Broadway after dark. Mr. Moses really wants this to work out, so much so that a cool buck will get shaved off your drink at any of his joints (Golden Gopher and Broadway Bar among them) if you brandish your Red Line ticket. Everyone likes that.

The DASH is kind of like our public transportation boyfriend. One quarter, a quick trip to fun places, done. What, we can pen a little crush note to the DASH if we want.

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