Yum Aplenty: San Diego Restaurant Week

Don't be overwhelmed; be jazzed by the number of discount edibles on offer.


OVERLISTING YOUR GETAWAY: The word "overlisting" may hold some ground when it comes to matters of real estate, but there's definitely a way to overlist your vacation or weekend away, too. It starts when you put out the call to pals, letting them know that you'll be in San Diego Thursday through Saturday, and is there any restaurant or bar you can't miss. Then... the lists begin, some created by your friends, some sent as links, and suddenly you're the grateful, if slightly overwhelmed, recipient of lots of different choices. Cutting through the listiness of a soon-to-be-taken getaway, though, is the chance to jump into a Restaurant Week. True, Restaurant Weeks, as a concept, tend to be one big list, or a couple of rosters defined by time of day (lunch, dinner) and price. But knowing that everything is discounted, or a deal, and that the prix fixe menus mean you'll be trying the best that the eatery wants to offer, has a way of cutting down on any FOMO stress. (FOMO, of course, is the time-honored fear of missing out.) So where to begin with San Diego, which is a well-known food city, and its upcoming Restaurant Week? Well, best start with the dates, which are...

SUNDAY, SEPT. 20 THROUGH SUNDAY, SEPT. 27: That's eight days, so call it a week-plus, and call it a chance to take in a wide swath of restaurant styles, types, and areas of the region. "Over 180 restaurants" are in the loop this time around, with Searsucker San Diego, Seasons 52 UTC, and Terra American Bistro all serving up delectable dishes priced to not be too dear. Want to eye the plentiful choices on a sample menu? Look at The Hake and its multitude of meals to pick from: Tuna Tiradito, pan-seared Scottish Salmon, and Key Lime Semifreddo would fill out the whole starter-entree-dessert trio quite nicely. Nope, we're not saying you can't ask all of your nearest/dearest for their gotta-eat-it lists spotlighting San Diego, but we are saying that planning your trip around a Restaurant Week de-lists the lists and ups the discount best-of choices. It's a fine time to try any city's supping, and that time, for San Diego, falls over an out-sized eight days near the close of September.

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