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Wish ‘Amazing Aiden' Well: 5-Year-Old With Cancer Asks for Super Powers

UPDATE Tuesday: This story was updated to reflect that Aiden had undergone surgery.

A 5-year-old boy with cancer who wanted people to send him "super powers" as he prepared for a procedure at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles had a successful surgery, his mother said Tuesday.

Aiden Zea, a 5-year-old with spunk and energy, has stage 4 neuroblastoma.

He has gone through six rounds of chemotherapy, tumor removal, and underwent a double-bone marrow procedure on Tuesday.

"Amazing Aiden" seems to be a real-life superhero, pulling through it all since his diagnosis on Oct. 8.

His friends made a sign for his hospital room window, asking for super powers and good thoughts from the citizens of Los Angeles.

"To see his friends make a sign for him, and then they came out and start dancing outside of his window, it gives him a little boost," Jenny Zea, Aiden’s mom, said.

Aiden loves superheroes, his mom said, and can’t wait to feel better and to play with his 1-year-old brother at home.

Aiden arrived at the hospital Monday, and will remain there for two or three more weeks. Aiden's stem cells, which were taken out and frozen before, were restored so he could recover Tuesday.

His mother was just praying that the critical second part of the procedure means the cancer will be gone for good.

"He needs all the super powers he can get," Zea said. 

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