5-Year-Old Boy Found After Amber Alert Issued

A 5-year-old boy was found and his abductor was in custody after an Amber Alert was issued Monday afternoon.

The boy was taken in South Los Angeles and was located safely in the Hawthorne area. The boy's mother, Angel Brown, credited the Amber Alert system, the police and social media for helping find her son, Jaelyn Conston, in a silver Infiniti SUV.

"I see it on TV all the time and I'm just fortnate that a tragedy did not happen, that they got my son back safe," Brown said in an emotional reunion.

The little boy was reported missing from home by his mother just after 10 a.m.

Brown says a "friend of a friend" took the boy while on a trip to buy a Halloween costume and the family SUV while Brown was in the restroom.

Brown immediately contacted the LAPD and an Amber Alert was issued for the silver Infiniti.

Family members were either at home or at work when they saw the alert and were shocked to see it was Jaelyn who was missing.

Rebecca Nash, a cousin, said it was scary.

"The scariest moment ever because that's my little cousin," she said.

Police say tips from social media and the family helped with the search. Soon after the Amber Alert went up, Hawthorne police spotted the vehicle at Doty Avenue and El Segundo Boulevard.

A woman was taken into custody. Details about the arrest were not immediately available.

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