Bay Area Woman is Searching for Her Husband After Barcelona Terror Attack Separated Them

A Bay area woman is searching for her husband after the couple was separated during the Barcelona terror attack.

Heidi Nunes-Tucker and her husband, Jared Tucker, were on vacation, celebrating their first wedding anniversary in the city.

"He left me to go use the restroom and within seconds after that, there was screaming and yelling and people running," Nunes-Tucker said.

The couple had gone shopping in the Las Ramblas district when her husband excused himself to use the restroom. Moments later, a van plowed into pedestrians, killing 14 people and injuring over 100.

"The police came in and were evacuating and made us leave," Nunes-Tucker said.

Authorities ushered people away from the source of the attack, leaving Nunes-Tucker further from her husband.

"I ended up on the other side of the street with a group of three people and the cops just kept pushing us away," she said.

Nunes-Tucker is waiting to be reunited with her husband, and has contacted nearby hospitals to hear a list of victims' names.

Officials confirmed there was one American injured during the attack, but have not released information on the victim.

A total of three separate attacks targeted Spain within a 24-hour period, claimed by the Islamic State group. 

Police shot and killed five terror suspects in Cambrils, Spain who were believed to be responsible for the Barcelona attack.

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