Bear Loose on Streets of Pasadena Shocks Residents

A large bear was loose on the streets of Pasadena Monday night, surprising residents who never thought they'd see such a beast roaming around their neighborhood.

"I am freaking out in the house -- screaming," Elizabeth Holland said.

Holland was looking out of her window at her home south of Sierra Madre Boulevard on Rim Road when she saw it -- a bear just casually strolling through her backyard.

"He was sitting there, right there on his perch," she said.

The bear was spotted in the 900 block of Riviera Drive at 7 p.m. when the Department of Fish and Wildlife as well as city workers responded, trying to force the animal back to a wooded area.

Annie Winton also captured a video of the bear walking down busy Sierra Madre Boulevard before it crossed the street.

"It was huge,"  Winton said.

It crossed all six lanes without a hitch.

"It knew when to go," Winton said.

Her friend, Mia Fernandez, was driving as Winton recorded. After they say it ran away, neither were eager to see it return.

At about 8 p.m., the bear apparently retreated after its stroll through the neighborhood.

The Pasadena Humane Society told NBC4 the bear is a local, and lives nearby in the San Gabriel Mountains. 

Weeks before, a bear led authorities on a wild chase through a Sylmar neighborhood. It was sedated and returned to the Angeles National Forest.

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