Blackwater Plans Navy Training Facility Near Mexican Border

April 24, 2008: Opponents of Blackwater Worldwide's latest plan to build a Southern California training center say they will keep trying to keep the controversial security firm out of their region.

KNBC first reported in August 2007 about on the Blackwater plan to build a huge outdoor facility.

Blackwater, which describes itself as a global leader in advanced law enforcement and military peacekeeping training, scrapped those plans. Blackwater officials now say they now want to train Navy personnel at an indoor facility near the Mexican border.

Opponents said Blackwater has bigger plans.

"Blackwater wants to privatize border security. They've stated it publicly. Having a building that's three blocks from the border in San Diego in order to quote, unquote 'train' people is a perfect first step," said Blackwater opponent Rick Jacobs of "Courage Campaign"

Opponents are seeking legal remedies in San Diego County and in Washington to stop Blackwater's plans.

The company has been widely criticized for actions by some of its employees in Iraq.

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