Bloody Slaying: Retired FBI Agent Found Kneeling Over Body

A former federal agent arrested on suspicion of murder is accused of beating to death his son's girlfriend after an elaborate plan to evict the woman ended in violence, according to a Las Vegas police report.

Edward Preciado-Nuno, 61, was booked into the Clark County Detention Center early Thursday on a charge of murder with a deadly weapon.

The retired agent with the San Diego FBI is accused of using a hammer to beat Kimberly Long in the garage of his son's Las Vegas home.

Preciado-Nuno told police he had to defend himself when Long attacked him with a hammer.

FBI spokesman Darrell Foxworth said Preciado-Nuno retired from the bureau in 2003.

Jeffery Preciado told officers he contacted his father in San Diego earlier in the week and asked for his assistance in evicting Long from the home, according to the police report.

Preciado-Nuno arrived in Las Vegas and began documenting Long's past behavior, including shooting videotape of his son's home to show Long was a poor house cleaner and a bad mother. His son told officers that Preciado-Nuno planned to confront Long with his documentation and videotape her response in hopes she would say something incriminating, the report states.

The father and son set up a video camera in the garage of the home, the police reports state. Police officer Bill Cassell said he did not know whether the incident was captured on tape.

The police report states Long's 9-year-old son and the couple's 10-month-old son were at home when Preciado-Nuno confronted Long, but Cassell said it is unclear whether either child witnessed the beating.

Jeffrey Preciado was not at the home went his father confronted his girlfriend.

Preciado-Nuno called his son at 6:08 a.m. Thursday, shortly after Long returned from work, and said Long was attacking him with a hammer.

"Jeffrey said he had never heard his father sound the way that he did and it scared him," the police report states.

When officers arrived at the home at about 6:30 a.m., Preciado-Nuno was kneeling next to Long's body, which was lying on the garage floor in a pool of blood.

Officers discovered two bloody claw hammers nearby and blood splattered against the wall and ceiling. The police report states Long suffered injuries on the head and face consistent with being struck with a claw hammer.

In a mug shot released by police, Preciado-Nuno appears to have cuts on his head.

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