Boy Who Impersonated Deputy Arrested in SUV Outfitted With Police Lights

A 14-year-old boy was arrested for impersonating a deputy, officials said.

The boy, who was not named because he is a juvenile, was arrested after a woman reported that he tried to open her door on Monday before she answered.

"He was like, 'Is there a domestic disturbance here?" said the woman, who NBC4 is only identifying by her first name, Jasmine. "And I was like, 'There nothing going on.' Then he just stopped talking to us and took off.

"He looked so normal. He looked like a real police officer."

The next day, a deputy saw a white Ford Explorer and pulled it over. Inside was a boy with his great grandmother in the driver's seat. The light bar was still mounted in the windshield, said Mara Rodriguez, a spokeswoman for the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department.

Deputies say they then searched the boy's home and found a sheriff's uniform, ballistics gear, including bullet-proof vests, fake guns, including one that looks like an assault rifle, a stun gun, a police belt with holster and a pile of counterfeit money.

Investigators say the boy also told them that he had encounters with other people, including pulling a woman over in her car.

He pretended he was running her information, returned to the woman, told her he was giving her a warning and she was free to go. Investigators say they don't  believe the boy's great grandma knew what was going on.

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