eduFire Expands Live Tutoring Service to Offer Test Prep for Higher Ed

If academic learning via the Web is something that intrigues you, there are a number of places to go. But if you’re interested specifically in learning via live video instruction and tutoring, the name eduFire is something you might want to familiarize yourself with. In fact, you already may have done so.

What began as a language learning engine, eduFire has grown handily, to tens of thousands of visitors per month. And now, eduFire has expanded into a new area, providing coaches and trainers for test preparation purposes. ACT, GMAT, GRE, PSAT, SAT, LSAT, and MCAT tutors are now featured.

As one might expect, several of the abovementioned exam titles offer more tutors than others. The ACT page on eduFire, for instance, lists 51 tutors available for live video interaction, either on-demand or through set scheduling. This is much more than even the combined totals of the CPA, DAT, NCLEX, and TOEIC, each of which users will find hosts only 4 aids or less. The only grouping of tutors larger than that of the ACT column is the figure for SAT help (73 people). Of course, there are tutors which specialize in multiple tests.

Having browsed several test pages to observe the user profiles of some instructors, it seems that more students will prefer less expensive sessions than the pricier sort. There are exceptions to this short-lived trend (short-lived in the sense that eduFire’s test prep center is a new feature on the site, not test prep in general), but on the whole, tutors who stay below the $40 level in per-session fee will probably have the most success in registering time with students. Whatever the case, visitors unsure about whether the style of learning eduFire provides is appropriate for them will like the post-session payment model it employs.

EduFire’s chance at long-term sustainment is fairly solid. The company operates on a 15% per hour flat fee from hourly sessions paid for by users. This seems reasonable both for instructors and for users, and if the website’s stated growth is a good indication of things to come, it will move forward in kind. In light of fiscal woes and increased pressures to employ test prep anyway one can, without having to consult costly private, local institutions, a place such as eduFire seems to target a need that is almost definitely going to become more evident with time.

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