Glendale City Council Backs Caruso in Effort to Expand Mall

Two property owners have 45 days to negotiate a deal with Caruso

Developer Rick Caruso's proposal to expand the Americana at Brand shopping center is moving forward as the Glendale City Council has decided to back Caruso.

The council approved the plan on Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times reported:

Acting as the city's redevelopment agency, the council Tuesday approved a plan to push the mall's neighboring property owners to negotiate the sale of their buildings to Caruso or work up their own plans for the intersection of Colorado and Orange streets.

Under this plan, the owners of a hotel and vacant building will have 45 days to negotiate with Caruso for sale prices, submit a plan of their own for the redevelopment of the area or possibly face eminent domain proceedings.

The owner of the vacant building on Colorado Street, Henry David, said that he is not against selling is property, but he does want to be "treated fairly."

Ray Patel, the owner of the Golden Key Hotel right across from the shopping center, said that he would consider selling. However, he feels that his hotel is important to the city and wants to keep it open. He also added that he does not want to be "bullied into anything."

Mayor Ara Najarian hopes that property owners and Caruso will work out a deal themselves without having to go to court.

"The winners in this are the residents of Glendale," said Najarian.

Caruso's plan is to turn the two properties on Colorado Street into as much as 140,000 square feet of additional space for the shopping center.

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