Web Site Helps Californians Find Missing Money

Money money money money!

During these tough financial times, wouldn't it be nice to suddenly come into some money?

Here's your chance.

The state of California has $5 billion in unclaimed cash waiting to be returned to its rightful owners.   The cash is sitting in state coffers just waiting to be claimed.

There's a Web site set up where you can check on your unclaimed funds.  Just click on "unclaimed property search page" and then enter your name and city.   If you find something, there are instructions on how to claim your cash.

There are thousands of names on the list.   Among them is one George Richason, of San Jose.  He found 5,800 reasons to feel better when he checked the Web site. He misplaced the money years ago and says he will use it to send his wife on a cruise, plus he'll make some needed repairs to his car.

State officials say the goal is to get the money back to you within three months, but  say in the current budget crisis they might need an extra 30 days.

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