Elderly Couple Loses Home in Fire

The Thomas fire started in Ventura County and scorched hundreds of thousands of acres as it burned into Santa Barbara County

It's tight quarters, but Ruth and Jack Forehand, their daughter Dawn and dog Bambi are grateful.

"I'm so thankful we're alive," Ruth said.

Their home of 40 years was one of the hundreds destroyed by the Thomas Fire.

"It's just hard to watch, hard to be happy," said Andrea Reynolds, a neighbor who helped the Forehands. "Your home is standing when you know how much people are suffering.

Through giving hearts, they stayed in a motel room, relying on donations.

But Reynolds says that's temporary and they'll need more help.

In order to help a family member, the 83 year olds signed over the deed to their home. Now, they have nothing left and nowhere to go.

Reynolds said they accepted a loan from a friend and trusted somebody they thought they would get their home back after they paid them back but they didn't.

They paid home insurance thinking it was their home but it isn't.

The displacement is especially hard for Jack. He's a Marine veteran and former reverend who suffers from dementia.

"He kept saying, 'Come on, I want to go home,' and I said, 'Jack, we don't have a home to go to anymore.'"

Reynolds wants to open up her home, but the neighborhoods nearby are still unsafe and still under a mandatory evacuation order. Crews are working on power lines, downed trees and other hazards. To help the Forehands go here.

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