Southern California

Carson Ranks Low in Economic Recovery Numbers

Southern California cities rank among the top in the nation for their economies, but one is also at the very bottom.

And it’s the city that’s trying to woo an NFL stadium and teams to call it home.

The city of Carson, in L.A. County, ranked last in economic growth when compared to other cities across the country.

Data obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Bureau of Economic Analysis, on issues ranging from population growth, poverty and unemployment rate decreases show Carson in last place and still struggling to rebound from the 2008 economic recession.

Despite the findings, Carson Mayor Albert Robles sees a city on the move.

"To say Carson ranks last in economic growth just isn’t consistent with what I see around me," Robles said.

From his office window, he pointed out that a new retail and condo complex is being built across the street.

"You see, construction’s already started," he said.

A national study was conducted by the financial website Wallet Hub and NBC4 further analyzed Southern California.

The city of Irvine, in Orange County, ranked the best.

Indio, in Riverside County; Oxnard in Ventura County; as well as Pasadena in L.A. County ranked among the top.

By comparison, the city of Compton ranked 329th and Carson came in last at 515.

"There is no doubt the great recession impacted us more than other communities," Robles said.

NBC 4 took a look at the data, as the NFL meets this week to consider approving a new football stadium. Mayor Robles added he does not believe an investigation by the District Attorney’s Office into whether he actually lives in Carson, will be a factor.

"Everybody knows I live in Carson, so I’ve said what I’ve said on the issue and I’m not going to say anymore," he told NBC4.

The study did show some positive signs in Carson’s business growth. At least one longtime resident says business vacancies are being filled.

"There’s a lot of interest in our community as far as renting because we’re very competitive," said Alex Cainglet.

Other top cities include Costa Mesa and Murrieta. Yorba Linda and Inglewood ranked among the bottom.

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