Caught on Video: Store Owner Attacked With Coffee at Canoga Park Doughnut Shop

A Spudnuts Donuts store owner in Canoga Park was attacked when a customer threw hot coffee into her face upon being asked to leave because she was being too loud.

Cindy Seam, the victim, released the surveillance video that shows the attack.

Seam says that she approached the woman and asked her to leave after a customer complained that the woman was being loud, causing a little girl to cry. Seam says she tried to fight back, but the pain from the coffee was overwhelming.

The woman who threw the coffee was not caught and remains free on the streets. If caught, the woman could face assault charges.

Seam says she released the video as a warning to other small business owners and workers to be alert. The store owner says she has owned the store for about five years, but her family has owned the store for about 30 years, and she has never experienced an attack like the one caught on the surveillance video.

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