Delivery Truck Driver Falls 50 Feet Down Narrow Trench at Construction Site

Firefighters pulled the man back up the hole using a harness attached to a fire truck winch

A delivery truck driver fell about 50 feet down a narrow trench at a construction site Thursday morning and remained there for about an hour before he was rescued by firefighters.

The 30-year-old driver was delivering steel re-bar to the construction site in 1600 block of San Ysidro Driver in the Beverly Crest area. He stepped on a plywood cover over the hole, about 2 feet in diameter, and fell into the narrow opening, according to the fire department. 

He landed on his feet and was able to communicate with firefighters during the rescue. The worker was hoisted to safety in a harness that was attached by rope to a fire truck winch.

He was hospitalized in fair condition with minor injuries.

"It's a very, very successful outcome to what, normally in my experience are generally bad outcomes," said Asst. Fire Chief Patrick Butler.

San Ysidro Drive was closed for the rescue operation between Elderidge to Peavine drives.

Last week, a construction worker was killed after falling down a well in Bel Air.

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