Caught on Camera: Armed Robber Skips Away With Cash From Corona 7-Eleven

A gunman rushed a store employee who had just come out of a back room and forced him to hand over cash in a robbery caught on store security cameras in Orange County.

The heist at a 7-Eleven in the 700 block of East Grand Boulevard occurred Monday in Corona. Police released security camera video of a man dressed in black, wearing a red bandana over his face, white shoes and a black baseball cap.

The robber, with his weapon drawn, ran toward the lone store employee when he came out of a back room. He pointed the gun at the man's head, demanding money from the cash register. 

The robber appeared to skip over a yellow "Caution" sign on the floor as he left the store. 

No arrests were reported. Call police at 951-279-3628 with information about the robbery.

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