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Culver City Officer Honored After Saving Choking Infant

A Culver City officer was honored by City Hall after he came to the rescue of a choking 10-month-old baby, Harleigh, a few weeks ago.

While the mother pulled over to call 911, Harleigh's big sister Auria Moore, 10, had seen a police car going down the street and ran to get help from the officer.

Officer Brian Cappell of Culver CIty police caught the whole incident on his body worn camera. He turned the baby over and patted her on the back until the infant finally started breathing and crying.

City Hall honored officer Cappell for his heroic effort in saving baby Harleigh that day.

Cappell says he's no hero, crediting Moore for running over to get his attention.

"I'm confident if it was one of my partners he would have done the same thing. I just happened to be a couple of blocks away," Officer Cappell of Culver City Police said.

Harleigh's grateful mom, Janet Lockridge, would disagree.

"I at the moment was completely in shock, extremely relieved. As soon as we heard that cry. It was like an angel. God sent his angel through him,” Lockridge said.

Moore says she feels proud that she saved her sister.

Editor's Note: An previous version of this article incorrectly stated that the officer performed the Heimlich manuever on the baby.

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