Actor Danny Trejo Joins Students in Discussion Over 40-Student Lunchtime Brawl at Sylmar High

After a wild brawl involving 40 students at Sylmar High School Monday, students and actor Danny Trejo took to a school meeting Wednesday night to express their frustration with the school board.

Students and parents voiced strong opinions on race and student safety.

"I don't feel safe at school! We have to walk around in groups at school because we don't feel safe," a male student stood up and said.

The lunchtime fight captured on video Monday was widely shared on social media.

Witnesses said students left the fight bloody and bruised, and many didn't feel safe.

LA Unified School District vowed to present an "action plan."

"What happened on Monday we would all agree is an unacceptable occurrence," Superintendent Michelle King said to the crowd of students and parents.

After school board members made statements, Trejo shot back, saying that administrators were not listening to the students.

"The first time Mexicans and African Americans got together, we got a black president," actor Danny Trejo said during the lively discussion. "So, good things can really happen when we get together."

LA Unified School Police were still investigating if the videos captured law breaking or just bad judgment.

"We don't need to have a black and brown divide. That's what we're hearing that this is," Rosalind Scarbrough, San Fernando Valley NAACP, said.

It wasn't immediately clear if race was the catalyst for the brawl however.

"As we review footage evidence, and interview others involved, we will decide what will happen going forward," Chief Steve Zipperman, LAUSD Police, said.

No information was released on disciplining students, citing student privacy. 

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