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LAPD Asks for Help in Identifying Man, Woman in Attack Outside Dodger Stadium

A 47-year-old father of four was hospitalized with a skull fracture after the assault in a stadium parking lot

Police are calling on anyone with information to come forward as they seek to identify the people who attacked a 47-year-old man outside Dodger Stadium, leaving him hospitalized with a skull fracture. 

Los Angeles Police Department Capt. William Hayes of the Robbery-Homicide Division spoke at a Thursday news conference about the investigation. He said investigators are reviewing security camera video from the ballpark, but they're hoping someone can provide more information about the assailants.

"There are countless video cameras there, and it's taking time to go through that," said Hayes. "There's somebody who knows who these individuals are."

Witnesses have provided only vague descriptions of a man and woman seen during the attack on Rafael Reyna, a father of four children, who remain in critical, but stable condition. His wife, Christel, said he was punched and suffered a fractured skull as the crowd was leaving the Los Angeles Dodgers' 5-4, 13-inning loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks early Saturday. 

She told NBC4 she was on Facetime with Rafael Reyna when she heard a woman yell "Why did you do that?'' as a man approached her husband and cursed at him. Then she heard a crack and the screen went black.

Hayes said that investigators were not able to retrieve images or audio of the conversation.

As for witness accounts, Hayes said they have described a man and woman -- whom he referred to as "nondescript" -- wearing Dodgers gear, as were thousands of others at the stadium.

The man was described as Hispanic, in his mid-20s, 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing 150 pounds. The woman was described as Hispanic, in her 20s, 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighing 110 pounds with a thin build.

Hayes said a white SUV that police earlier had referred to as a vehicle of interest had been found via license plate images. Its driver had been ruled out as having had any involvement in the incident.

He said the victim and suspect did not know one another, and their dispute originated in the parking lot. He declined to reveal details of the dispute, citing concerns about jeopardizing the ongoing investigation.

Reyna said her husband has swelling and bleeding on the brain. She and an adult son have been with her husband at the hospital, but Reyna said she has not told her younger children, ages 11 to 15.

Police said Reyna was involved in an argument with another man that escalated. He remains in critical, but stable, condition.

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