YouTube Convention ‘Tanacon' Shutdown Has Fans Upset

Tana Mongeau is a YouTube star with millions of loyal followers, so when she announced an alternative-style YouTuber convention called "Tanacon," plenty of her 3.5 million fans lined up and bought tickets.

On Friday, the lines outside the Anaheim Marriott Suites, the venue for the event, were so long that NBC4 found a couple fans that said they stood in line for seven hours after paying $75 per ticket only to be told the convention was canceled.

The long lines and crowds outside the Garden Grove hotel grew so large that security called it all off.

Inside, the event didn't seem to be well planned at all, with fans complaining that YouTube stars like Shane Dawson, who were expected to be present, were nowhere to be found.

Dawson says he will share the truth in the upcoming days, of course, on his YouTube channel.

A letter from the organizers explained that they only expected 5,000 people and could not accommodate the estimated 15,000 fans that turned up. They are promising a refund within 30 days time or a comped pass to their next event.

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