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Fontana City Department Rescues Animals From Abuse and Neglect

The city of Fontana's Animal Services Team are this week's heroes, a city department with a heart of gold. Working under the Fontana Police Department, the seven-member task force plays a unique role in the city, rescuing all animals in need, no matter the species. The team has taken in everything from dogs to goats to snakes and even donkeys.

"In a sense we are special," says Jaimie Simmons, a member of the Fontana Animal Services team. "We are afforded all equipment we need. The police officers work very closely with us in regards to vicious dogs and animal cruelty cases."

A benefit for pet owners is that Fontana officers carry portable chip scanners can scan lost animals on site and return them home safely instead of taking them to a shelter.

Whether they're rescuing a puppy from a storm drain, prosecuting violent animal abusers or fostering injured animals, the team says the most rewarding part of their job is saving innocent animals from abuse and neglect.

"We are always networking. We know a lot of rescues," says Evelyn Valverde. "You have it in you to do it. If you don't, it's not for you."

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