Cops Say Water Shutoff Scheme Gets Fullerton Residents to Leave Homes Unattended

Police are warning Fullerton residents of a water shutoff scheme they believe is designed to lure residents from their homes, leaving the vacant residences prime targets for burglars.

An unknown person posing as a city utilities employee is calling residents and advising them that their water is getting shut off, according to the Fullerton Police Department.

The faux utility worker would not ask residents for money, police said. The ruse would leave homes vacant, sometimes for days.

"We believe the unknown caller is trying to lure possibly the residents out of their homes potentially for the purpose of doing crimes whether burglaries, vandalism or thefts," said Sgt. John Radus of the Fullerton Police Department.

Fullerton city officials say residents will either get a knock on the door or an official warning card from the city. If the repair was scheduled ahead of time, notices are mailed a week in advance.

"You never get a call saying they're going to shut off your water. You get a notice," said Tommy de la Cruz, manager of Tommy's Express Car Wash.

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