New Germ-Fighting Security Bins Roll Out at LAX

Ever worry about germs when you're putting your possessions in those security-line bins at the airport?

Los Angeles International Airport says you can breathe a little easier.

The airport this week began rolling out new bins designed to deter bacteria buildup, while also making it a little easier for security screeners to see what's in them.

"This is another small sign of the way that we are working to improve the passenger's experience," said airport spokesman Heath Montgomery. "We are looking at all of the details, all the way down to what you're putting your stuff into at the security checkpoints."

The bins are designed by Microban with Security Point Media, using materials that prevent the buildup of bacteria.

Montgomery said the issue of bin bacteria hasn't been a huge concern, but the new containers will help improve airport cleanliness and lessen fears of contracting diseases -- especially with thousands of people handling the bins each day.

The bins are about same size as the old ones, which are going to be phased out, but they are slimmer and shallower, making it more difficult for people to stack items on top of one another and obstructing X-ray images. The bins are also numbered by a metallic plate so they can be easily identified by security.

"If a TSA officer sees something that needs a little extra attention, they can (examine it) very quickly," Montgomery said. "It helps correlate the items on the screen."

About 2,300 of the new bins are being introduced, enough for all the security checkpoints at LAX. The bins are funded through an advertising agreement with JCDecaux Global at no cost to the airport, Montgomery said.

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