Grief-Stricken Classmates Mourn Siblings Killed in Crash

A brother and sister were killed in a crash blocks away from their school in Wilmington on Thursday

Grief stricken classmates of siblings killed in a high-speed crash blocks away from school returned to classes on Friday, stunned and saddened by the tragedy.

Friends of 18-year-old Lexi Garcia and her 16-year-brother Eli, both students at Banning High School in Wilmington, hugged and consoled each other as they tried to come to grips with the tragedy.

"To know that just two people like randomly you see every day at school, just one day die in a car accident, is just too much to take in," said Henry Chavez, a student.

Inside the school, students scrawled personal messages and said goodbye to the victims on a message board. Others grieved at a makeshift memorial at the spot on Pacific Coast Highway where the Garcias where killed.

Alicia Escobedo, a friend, was too overcome with grief to talk. She said she was overwhelmed after she heard the news and called her mother to have her pick her up from school and take her home.

The siblings were in a red Honda on Thursday when it crashed. Surveillance video showed their car speeding next to a pickup truck shortly before the crash.

The Honda somehow wound up on the wrong side of the road and crashed into a van, police said.

Two passengers in the car were injured, including the sister of Monique Mares, who says her sister will be OK, but can't believe two of her friends are gone.

"I thank God that nothing really bad happened to her but my other two..." she said trailing off.

Police questioned one of the survivors of the crash at a hospital to try to determine if racing was a factor.

Friday night was supposed to be a special night for the siblings. The school was having its Winter Formal.

"We wanted to come here just to pay our respects before going to the party," said Paola Duarte, a friend.

The brother and sister were inseparable, friends said.

"They were good people," said Anthony Marin. "They shouldn't have been taken that early. They were two of the most outgoing students at Banning High School and they're going to be remembered for a while."

Family has set up a memorial fund for the Garcias here.

Hetty Chang contributed to this report.

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