Shop Owner Shows What Goes Into Buying Firearm in Laguna Niguel

After the Orlando nightclub shooting claimed the lives of 49 and injured dozens more, many were wondering just how easy or difficult it is to purchase a gun or rifle in California, a state with some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.

Gregg Bouslong, the owner of On Target, a Laguna Niguel shooting range and gun store, says there is an expectation that when you come to his shop, you should know if you're legally able to buy a gun.

Experts say California has some of the strictest laws in the country when it comes to buying firearms. Two forms of identification must be provided when purchasing a gun, and the buyer cannot be the subject of a restraining order or have spent time in a mental facility, Bouslong said.

Bouslong says the California Department of Justice frequently audits gun applicants, checking for anything that doesn't look right.

"They go in to see if you've got parking tickets, if you owe property taxes -- do you owe back alimony payments?" Bouslong said.

The paperwork is specific, Bouslong says.

In addition, a gun or rifle will never be handed over within the same day of purchase, Bouslong says.

There is a waiting period -- 10 days, timed down to the minute.

"There's no way for an individual to walk out the same day. It doesn't happen. We won't surrender it. It's just not done," Bouslong said.

Bouslong also says other restrictions are in effect, like those for a rifle similar to the one used in the Orlando nightclub shooting.

The gun cannot, by law, be altered, from barrel to butt. The magazine can hold no more than 10 rounds, and it even has a built in stop on the bullet button.

"You have to use a tool, and it pops the magazine out, and that prevents you from doing magazine changes rapidly," Bouslong said, demonstrating how to reload.

Bob Theel was in the market for a 9 mm glock at On Target. He said he owns three guns already.

"I think background checks are wise," Theel said. "I personally wouldn't mind if they took the waiting period and extended it out a little bit to do a more thorough background check."

The permitting process is very specific, and paperwork can be viewed by the Department of Justice, the ATF and the FBI at any time.

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