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Brazen Harbor City Home Burglar Smiles at Security Camera, Then Kicks Through Door

The man captured on Jonathan Strong's doorbell security camera almost looks like he just came from the golf course -- wearing a striped polo shirt and white gloves.

"Honestly, I think he dressed so he wouldn't really stand out," Strong said.

Caught on camera, the man is scoping out Strong's Harbor City home on Koleeta Drive. He smiles at the surveillance device as he rings the doorbell.

The man nonchalantly turns around -- and then suddenly kicks the door open.

"Like a donkey kick, he just turns around backwards," Strong said.

Within three minutes, the thief runs out with a plastic bag. He swiped $300 in cash and a handgun from Strong's bedroom drawers.

Strong was shocked and disheartened at the brazen burglar.

"You can't help but feel violated," he said.

Strong has since fixed his door and has installed extra security cameras for the house. 

He's watched the video several times and can't help but be bothered by the burglar's demeanor.

"He looked right at the camera and smiled -- like, 'oh, it doesn't matter, you're not going to catch me,'" he said.

A second video shows the crook getting away in a white convertible that was parked on the driveway.

Strong has filed a police report on the crime. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department confirmed they were investigating, adding that knock-knock burglaries are on the rise.

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