Get Your Kid to Eat Veggies – Try Semantics

Does your tot turn up his nose at carrots?  Bored with broccoli?  Disgusted by lima beans?

A new study proves what some mother's instinctively know.  His mouth may water at the sight of  "dinosaur broccoli trees" and "super hero beans."  Researchers at Cornell University studied four year olds and found jazzing up the names of vegetables made them much more palatable to kids.

One day kids were given carrots with lunch.  On other days, the carrots were renamed: "x-ray vision carrots."  Kids ate nearly twice as many carrots when they were had a cooler name.  Researchers say kids continued to eat more veggies even after the foods went back to their original names.

Brian Wansink presented the research at the School Nutrition Association's annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

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