High Pitch in Voice Could Mean High Fertility

UCLA researchers measure pitch of female voices in relation to fertility

Couples seeking signs of fertility might find it in a woman's voice. 

According to the Web site Lemondrop.com, "Your man might run for the door when you raise your voice, but if you're trying to conceive, he should head to the bedroom instead."  UCLA researchers measured pitch, jitters and shimmers in 69 ovulating women and found that they increased in some conditions during the two days before ovulation -- the time when a woman is likely to become pregnant.  

"We found that women raised their pitch the closer they were to ovulation, but it's not like a baboon's butt going red, which is a definite signal of high fertility" according to one of the researchers, Greg Bryant as told to the British newspaper, The Guardian.

"This is something more subtle. A man wouldn't notice the pitch being higher if they'd never heard the woman talk before. What we're saying is by raising their pitch, women enhance their femininity. They're turning up everything that makes them more attractive," Bryant said.

The study is published in the Royal Society Journal.

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