High School Students Make Brainy Version of “Let it Go”

The students are apart of the state's stem cell research agency and are studying for the summer

We all know the Academy Award-winning song "Let it Go" from the hit movie "Frozen," but you haven't heard this version by a group of Los Angeles high school students.

The students spent the summer studying stem cell research at the City of Hope Hospital in Duarte, under the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine's Creativity program.

As part of their work they had to create a video explaining what they're doing and these students decided to sing about it.

"Let it grow, let it grow, incubate and there'll be more," the students can be heard singing in the video.

They wrote all the lyrics and choreographed it themselves. Not surprisingly this was voted the best video in the creativity program.

The program gives 70 high school students from all over the state a chance to spend the summer studying at a world class research facility.

The program's goal is to educate the public on stem cell research and train the next generation of scientists.

"The lab never bothered me anyway," the students sang. 

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