Woman Killed in Leimert Park Hit-and-Run Crash

A mother was killed during a hit-and-run crash on Christmas after she and her 14-year-old son celebrated his birthday with dinner in Leimert Park.

The teen, who has autism, and his mother had just eaten at a Denny's when the driver of a sport utility vehicle fatally struck 49-year-old Gloria Eaton-Breaux.

"She was there to make her son happy and to make sure his birthday was not overlooked," the Denny's owner Ronald Smothers said.

Eaton-Breaux was crossing the street about 9:30 p.m. Monday in a crosswalk at Crenshaw Boulevard and Coliseum Street when she was struck by the SUV. The driver left the scene, but witnesses provided a vehicle description to police.

One man said the teenager's loud screams drew him to the scene of the crash.

"When you hear someone yell like that, it sinks your heart," he said. The witness also said that the victim's son sank to his knees in agony and cried over the loss of his mother.

Witnesses described the vehicle as a black four-door Nissan Murano. It might have damage to the front end, windshield or roof.

Nearby business owners are cooperating with police by providing surveillance footage that may contribute to their investgation.

No arrests were reported Tuesday.

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