June 2005: Burning Questions: Part II

It is one of the most luxurious housing developments in Southern California, but underneath the ground is a potential hot zone -- hidden gas.

Several weeks ago, NBC4 broke "Burning Questions," the exclusive story of a state government report about methane gas seeping under the Southland subdivision. In another exclusive, Channel 4 unearths more on this potential danger beneath the soil of the massive development, which includes plans for a grade school.

The following statements were issued from Playa Vista to NBC4 News:

"…exhaustive reviews by City departments with oversight of Playa Vista have concluded that the systems work and the community is safe."

"The methane in the water dissipates immediately once it hits the air."

"…it can be confidently concluded that no evidence exists for the migration of Southern California Gas Company gas in the Del Rey Hills Oil Field, to the surface soil in the area of the Playa Vista development…"

"The tape provided by KNBC to Playa Vista for review demonstrates the work was performed in a professional manner that met or exceeded all applicable standards. This video shows how to do it right."

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