LAPD Investigating USC Football Player for Domestic Violence

A 911 call reporting a woman screaming in Josh Shaw's girlfriend's apartment the night he was apparently injured has prompted a probe into the night's events.

USC football player Josh Shaw is being investigated by LAPD for a possible domestic violence incident involving his girlfriend last weekend, a department spokesman confirmed Friday.

LAPD officers responded to a call to the Orsini apartment complex in downtown Los Angeles Saturday night, where both Shaw and his girlfriend live. Neighbors of Shaw’s girlfriend, who has not been identified, reported a woman’s screams coming from her apartment.

When officers arrived, there was no one home.

Officers gained access to the apartment and determined a window had been pried open. Shaw’s girlfriend returned to the house while officers were there. When asked if she knew anyone fitting the description of a man witnesses had seen jumping from her patio balcony, she named Shaw. A burglary report was taken that night, according to Commander Andrew Smith.

Shaw, a team co-captain, has been suspended indefinitely from the team after admitting he lied about how he injured his ankles the same night the burglary report was taken.

The school posted a blog article on its website Monday recounting how Shaw had jumped from a second story building in Palmdale to rescue a drowning nephew from a pool, sustaining two high-ankle sprains that would place him on the disabled list.

Questions and conflicting accounts almost immediately emerged and Shaw admitted Wednesday he had made up the story.

Shaw's girlfriend did not describe herself as a victim of domestic violence, but allegations emerged during the burglary investigation, Smith said. Shaw was interviewed regarding the burglary, but has not made himself available for a follow up interview regarding the domestic violence allegation.

"Officers interviewed him with respect to the burglary," Smith said. "However, we'd like to reinterview him to discuss a few more factors in this case. We haven't been able to do that."

Smith said officers want to speak with Shaw before concluding the investigation.

"The officers would like to conclude that investigation and they'd like to follow up on that and get as much information about that as they can before they submit it to the city attorney."

Shaw’s lawyer, Donald Etra, said the investigation was frivolous.

"There’s no there, there. Nothing criminal happened. He has already spoken with LAPD twice. That’s quite enough," he said. "His ankles are doing well. He's looking forward to a speedy recovery and he hopes to play ball soon."

USC's sports department declined to comment on the investigation.

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