Beverly Hills

Larry King Reminisces About Prince at Shop Serving Purple Tribute Bagels

Journalist and bagel shop co-owner Larry King made an appearance Sunday and reminisced about the "Purple Rain" singer

The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel in Beverly Hills paid tribute to Prince by serving purple bagels Sunday in remembrance of the "Purple Rain" superstar.

While noshing on a purple bagel, shop co-owner and journalist Larry King reminisced about his hourlong interview with Prince in 1999.

"I remember Prince. I had a wonderful time interviewing him," King said. "He had a sensitivity next to no one. I never saw anyone as warm, tender and sweet as he was."

Prince even told the broadcaster, whose show "Larry King Now" airs on his website, that he should change his name to simply "King."

Employee Rodney Franklin felt the pressure of producing the purple bagels in tribute to Prince.

"I'm kind of sweating right now," Franklin said.

The bagels were arguably worth the sweat — for Prince, and for fans like Oona Styne's mom.

"I feel bad for her because she really liked Prince," said Oona, who got a bagel to comfort her mom.

King said Prince would've liked the bagels because he had a good sense of humor.

"But he probably would've wished there was real rain," King said, pointing to the sky.

The bagels were set to return to brown from purple on Monday, but "Purple Rain" will live on in the music.

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