LAUSD Budget Woes

How will the Los Angeles Unified School District climb out of a $375 million budget deficit?  The nation's second largest district is now looking at ways to balance its budget, which could be half a billion dollars in the red if the governor's proposed cuts to state education funding go through.

Superintendent David Brewer sent a letter to all LAUSD employees, stressing the urgency of the budget situation and the need to make significant cuts. 

In the letter, Brewer writes, "Without substantial, systematic, responsible District-wide cuts and help from Sacramento, LAUSD will not be able to make payroll by the end of next school year."

Click here to read Brewer's letter.

In addition to looking at ways to cut the budget, Brewer has also convened a Blue Ribbon Committee to look at new ways to generate revenue for the district.

Budget informational meetings are being held throughout the month of November, with the next one scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 13, in the LAUSD Board Room at district headquarters downtown.  Another one is scheduled for Monday, November 17 at the El Sereno Middle School Auditorium at 2839 N. Eastern Avenue, Los Angeles.  Both are from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.

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