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Hollywood Hills School Is the Only 2016 Blue Ribbon School From LAUSD

Wonderland Avenue Elementary School was recognized for its Exemplary High Performing status, which is based on academic success.

Nearly 300 schools nationwide were named a 2016 National Blue Ribbon School and only one from LAUSD received the prestigious honor on Wednesday.

Wonderland Avenue Elementary School, located in the Hollywood Hills, was recognized for its students' academic success.

"It means that we are a very special school and we are lucky to get this award," said 10-year-old student Camden.

To be nominated as a Blue Ribbon school, the institution's respective state department of education must complete an application that highlights a school's practices.

"I guess because of some our programs that made us diverse from other schools but made us stand out in an optimistic way," 10-year-old Luca said.

Wonderland was recognized for its Exemplary High Performing status, which is based on academic success, but also focuses on its Readers and Writers Workshops, its "Way of Council" program and other acclaimed educational programs.

Luca said the school has a welcoming environment.

"No one's ever alone and you always help some out and you try to solve problems in a very fair way," he said.

Students at the school also appreciate the diversity at Wonderland.

"There's a ton of different nationalities here," Camden said. "We have Korean people, we have Indonesian people, and we have people from South America."

But it's the school's education and history of excellence that got the attention of the State Board of Education to submit them for the national honor from the U.S. Department of Education.

"We have a lot of great curricula and we execute it very well," Wonderland's Principal Sean Teer said.

Teer sees his school as a model for all of LAUSD. It's only the 16th school to receive the honor in the 30 years it has been around.

"What we're doing here is innovative, but it produces results," Teer said.

Aside from academic excellence, the school also promotes strong morals with its Peace Pledge.

"Wonderland is actually a school that builds your good character and one of the reasons why is because of the Peace Pledge," 10-year-old student Daniel said.

The pledge is a promise to treat others with respect.

"It's one of the reasons that people are always nice here," Camden said.

The pledge also promises to uphold inclusion so no one would feel sad or alone, LUCA said.

The Peace Pledge carries a strong lesson that the students take to heart, and have even memorized.

"It's a guideline for your whole life," Daniel said. "It's not just when you're at Wonderland; you should follow the same rules throughout your whole life."


I am a Wonderland Coyote and this is my Peace Pledge:

To give thumbs-down to put-downs because actions & words can hurt and teasing leads to trouble.

To say I'm sorry when I've made a mistake and forgive others when they make mistakes.

To never say 'You can't play' and to help, not hurt, others.

To celebrate our differences and our similarities.

To listen & live with a kind heart and to know that I am not alone.

Don't paw me down – howl me up!

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