Family Reunites at LAX After Border Separation

Perla Alemengor De Veasquez is a mother waiting anxiously to be reunited with her 12-year-old daughter, Yoselin, at LAX on Sunday.

Finally, Yoselin emerges with a smile on her face, and it's hard for even casual travelers walking by not to become emotional.

The mother and daughter were separated at the border in Arizona, when they crossed over into the United States seeking asylum from Guatemala. After more than a month apart, a long legal battle and a week-long negotiation, Yoselin finally sees her mother.

The two embrace, and evens strangers reach for tissues to dry their eyes, as the family cannot help but get emotional with the never ending ordeal finally coming to a conclusion.

The family's attorney, Mario Williams, told NBC4 that Yoselin was taken from her mother in the middle of the night as part of the Trump administration's zero tolerance policy.

Williams subsequently filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration to get the child back, and the lawyer says this is only one of the four dozen similar cases his firm is working on.

Yoselin is one of thousands of children separated from their families in recent weeks under the policy imposed on people entering the United States illegally.

For Yoselin, this day brought her back with her mother, who she hadn't seen for over a month, and her father, who she had not seen in 10 years.

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