6-Ton Potato Meets 18-Foot-Tall “Fork in the Road”

The Idaho Potato Commission is sending a giant sculpture across 36 states raising money for "Meals on Wheels"

What happens when a 6-ton Idaho Potato meets an 18-foot California Fork in the Road? The answer: contributions to charities that help feed the hungry.

The Idaho Potato Commission is celebrating 75 years by sending a giant potato sculpture across 36 states to adorn Pasadena’s famed giant utensil.

The commission donated $100,000 to Meals on Wheels and is collecting money for the charitable food service along the way.

On Tuesday the oversized spud stopped at Pasadena’s famed "Fork in the Road" landmark – a giant fork at the split of St. John and Pasadena avenues.

Philip Coombes, a member of The Fork in the Road Gang and the organizer of the upcoming "Put a Fork In Hunger" drive, arranged the meeting between the oversized baked potato and fork.

"They called us last week and said the giant potato wants to meet the giant fork," he said.
The Fork in the Road Gang raised 5 tons of food last year according to Coombes, and they hope to raise even more this year.

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